Ninibugs – handmade children’s apparel

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Okay parents,

It’s summer time and, of course, nothing the Pickle wore LAST year comes close to fitting.

I’ve been doing some looking around and was pleasantly surprised to find that an old buddy of mine, Stephanie Collins, has opened her own boutique of custom designed and manufactured children’s clothes, called Ninibugs!

These are seriously cute (and affordable), one-of-a-kind clothes for baby, toddlers, and kids of all ages. Stephanie is one of those peeps who is just plain gifted…doesn’t matter if it’s homemade truffles, or hand-sewn baby dresses, it’s going to turn out awesome.

Ninibugs specialize in quality handmade boutique children’s apparel and accessories in a variety of styles and sizes. Check out their photo albums for more examples!

Feel free to contact Stephanie for sizing and prices.

Take a look –

You can also find Ninibugs on Facebook!

– Gracie’s Daddy


The Shack, Part II

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I was very hesitant to read “The Shack.” In fact, it took me two tries to read it, but I’m really glad I did.


As a new father, who has a baby girl after 10 years of trying, it was very hard to get through the first few chapters of the book. In fact, I quit reading the first time I tried.


I had a sense that the “bad guy” wasn’t going to end up being punished in some really ugly, painful way, and, if that was so, I didn’t want to read anymore (just being honest…)


I REALLY wanted to hurt this guy and was so pissed off that (I assumed) he was going to “get off the hook” that I tossed the book into a corner and tried to forget about it.


Then, I went back a few week ago and read it again. I’m really glad I did.


It’s a wonderful allegory, and the scene in the “judge’s chambers” made me look at my faith is a different way than I ever had before. In fact, the whole issue of “judging and forgiveness” really opened my eyes to something new.


A little history to explain my original hesitation:


I was part of a mega-church in the mid-eighties when Frank Peretti’s “This Present Darkness” came out (another great book) and I remember the hype that followed. Everyone carried a copy of the novel with their Bible and, by golly; we saw demons behind every shrub.


This made me a little hesitant to read Shack in the first place.


Again, I’m glad I did. Like “Darkness,” the author wrote a great work of fiction, with some spiritual enlightenment mixed in. I doubt Peretti ever meant anyone to take it as a “second gospel” and I know (cause I’ve met him) that Young didn’t have any intention of that either. I guess I’m just older now and less likely to fall prey to the hype that can unintentionally follow a great book.


Now, in all fairness, Young adds some stuff near the end about “the church” that I felt was superficial, and actually pulled from the weight of the story. It seemed a little contrived and PC to me, and I think the flow of the book would have been better without it.


But, I didn’t write the book. If I want a book that will say exactly what I want it to say, I’ll write it myself. I read to glean from the other’s perspective, and I think I did.


All of that to say…great book, great allegory, it’s worth the read.


Read it and then read your Bible again.


-Gracie’s Daddy