Pickle Talk: The first four years…

by Gracie S.  Perkins

The wit and wisdom of Gracie “The Pickle” Perkins

Pickle: “Daddy, say “Ahhh”
Me: “Ahhh”
Pickle: (peering in my mouth) “Wow, daddy. There’s a lot of room in there!”

Pickle: “Daddy, I need to listen to my heart.”
Me: “And what is your heart telling you?”
Pickle: “That I need peanut butter toast.”

Me: “Do not thwart me!”
Pickle: “But Daddy, I like to thwart you!”
Me: “Thwart means to cause trouble.”
Pickle: “Yeah, I know.”

Gracie: “Daddy…”
Me: “Yes, Pickle?”
Gracie: “I wanna be a princess!”
Me: “Okay.”
Gracie: “Yeah. I wanna kiss a frog or somethin’…”
Me: “Ooookay…”

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-Gracie’s Daddy