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Well, it was a hot one again this year, but our 3rd Annual Princess Gracie Luau was another huge success!

As you can see in the slide-show, Lt. Zallee marked off the Boccie field and got the tournament going, while the talented Shores girls manned the face-painting station.

I arrived early and fired up La Caja China to roast the Kahlua pork shoulders, while baking the Pineapple Upside-down Spam cake (see my bbq blog for more on that!) Friends and family went all out, loading down the table with salads and sides.

A special kudos goes out to Terry for his AWESOME home-made cream pies and Hawaiian rolls…as always, wow.

Gracie loved being the star of the show (shocker!), as well as her chocolate cupcake, and lots of nice presents! Her new “Crabby” pool is a big hit, though we haven’t gotten any water in it yet, lol.

Thanks again to everyone who came out and helped up celebrate 3 years with our princess!


-Gracie’s Daddy