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So, we had a major trashing of the living room this morning, followed by several hours making Gracie pick it up, and lots of tears.

At one point, after about the hundredth request for “help”,  I heard myself say, “I’m sorry honey, but daddy doesn’t clean up all your messes for you. Sometimes you have to clean them up yourself.”

Spent the last hour wondering if I just answered the question of “unanswered” prayers…

-Gracie’s Daddy


Tulip Fest 2010

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A grand time was had by all…

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-Gracie’s Daddy

A day at the park slideshow

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Today it actually felt like summer, so the pickle and I packed up the joggin’ stroller and headed for the park.

Here are a few snapshots of the great time we had!

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-Gracie’s Daddy

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