Young Gracie Pickle sat down to her dinner,
and smiled just as sweet as you please.
When mommy came in with her chicken and rice,
She answered, “I only want cheese.”

“Oh my,” said Ma Pickle, “you can’t have just that!
How ‘bout some carrots and peas?”
But young Gracie Pickle just shook her small head.
“No thank you. I only want cheese.”

Next, Daddy Pickle poured some pea soup,
and the pepper on top made her sneeze.
“Excuse me,” she said, as she covered her nose,
“But really, I only want cheese.”

Well, they offered her apples and pork chops and ham,
and even a strawberry freeze,
They offered her meatloaf, and thick chocolate cake,
and a salad of crisp lettuce leaves.

To each she said no, and to butter and bread,
spread with honey come straight from the bees.
They laid out lasagnas, and hotdogs with fries,
Yet Gracie would have none of these.

“I do not want chicken, I do not want rice,
I do not want carrots or peas.
I do not want soup or ham, meatloaf or cake.
No thank you. I only want cheese!”

“I do not want salad, I do not want bread,
I do not want strawberry freeze.
I do not want pork chops or hotdogs with fries,
No thank you. I only want cheese!”

“You win, Gracie Pickle!” Her pa sighed at last,
“Here’s a whole plateful, land’s sake!”
Then young Gracie pickle, her mouth full of cheese, said,
“..and perhaps a small slice of that cake.”

-Gracie’s Daddy
January, 2010