Hey all,

I’m working on a new book project and I need your help.

This piece will focus on being a “Christian father.” Basically, I just need your opinions and/or advice on four questions, which I’ll post below. Feel free to answer any or all of the questions, and answers can be as short as 2-3 sentences, or as long as you like.

Favorite Bible verses and personal experiences are welcome, as well.*

If you would prefer not to submit your responses here, you can email them to me at: perry (at) perryperkinsbooks (dot) com.

Here are the questions: (Mom’s feel free to answer as well!)

When I say, “Christian father” what are the most important characteristics that come to your mind?
If you had to define the responsibilities of a Christian father, what would you say?
What is the most difficult aspect (for you or your spouse) of being a Christian father? The greatest reward?
How has your own perceptions/relationship with God changed since you became a father?

Feel free to ask and answer your own additional questions as well.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks everyone, I really appreciate it!


Perry P. Perkins

*If you have a personal experience or quote that I want to add directly into the manuscript, I’ll contact you for permission to use your name, or a pseudonym.