So, we found out what croup was, at 3am this morning…

The Pickle woke us up at about that hour, making a horrible wheezing noise, followed by a barking cough. I’ve had cars that made that noise, but never heard it from a child before.

Needless to say that both mom and I launched into a full-bore parental panic.

We called the advice nurse and then bundled her up and sat outside for about 15 minutes. That helped a lot. From what I’ve read, some cool air and getting the kid calm are the best treatments for mild to moderate symptoms.

Still, we were ready to jump in the car at any minute. Neither of us were in any condition to drive, but when the paramedics unwrapped our mini-van from the tree across the street, they probably would have taken Gracie in to be checked out too.

After sitting in our bathroom cum sauna for awhile, then sitting in the pre-dawn cold on our front porch, the kiddo finally started making human-like breathing noises again, and fell back asleep around 5am.

The nurse consoled us by saying “I think her symptoms are fairly mild.” Our symptoms, however, were severe…judging by the massive number of new grey hairs I seem to have this morning.

Someone should have to tell you, at one one those 400 vaccine appointments, you know, the ones where they make YOU hold your baby while they stick them with needles…”Oh, by the way your baby will probably wake up at 3am at some point, barking like a seal and sounding like she’s drowning on the fluid in her lungs…so don’t freak out, they’re just “mild symptoms.”

So, after spending most of the night in sheer panic, then the rest wide awake and reading every page that The Google has to offer on croup…I jotted down some notes on my examiner page regarding how to recognize it, “Tips for dealing with croup” and some things you can do about it to help your suffering kiddos.

Now, if they could just post something useful about how parent’s can recover…

-Gracie’s Daddy