Hey all,
Don’t know if you knew this, but I didn’t. I’ve finally been drug into the modern world and replaced my ancient flip-phone with a snazzy new model with a slide out keyboard (woo-hoo! I’m officially a 14 year old girl!) So, I wanted to send my favorite picture of my girls to my phone to use as a wallpaper.
Here’s some info I found on sending text emails and photo attachments from your computer to your phone.
For Verizon:
Send text only emails to: yournumber@vtext.com
Send photo attachments to: yournumber@vzwpix.com
You can just e-mail the cell phone using the following as the address for different cell phone carriers:
Okay, I gotta get back to my “thumbs of steel” video…
Have fun!
-Gracie’s Daddy