Hey all,

I have a favor to ask…

Part of my ranking (read compensation, lol) as a writer for Examiner.com is based on the number of subscribers I have.

I currently have a handful of subscribers, but I’m getting a lot of reader hits with each post, so I know that there are a bunch of folks out there who are reading my articles regularly, but haven’t subscribed via the site.

If you don’t mind subscribing, here are the steps involved:

1. Go to www.pdxdads.com
2. Click on the “Subscribe to Email” (Next to my picture, near the top)
3. Enter your Email Address in the box
4. Click the orange “Subscribe” button

You’ll get a message that says, “Thank you. Your email address has been added to the Portland Fatherhood Examiner subscription list.”

That’s it!

If you’d rather not subscribe, I totally understand. I get a lot of emails as well!

I’ll be sending this info to some of you via email as well, with the subject line: “Examiner Subscription.” If you’ve read this here, go ahead and delete the email and accept my apologies for the repeat.

Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read my articles, and thank you all for considering this.



PS – Couple more things:

If you’re on the short list of folks that I send a “new post” announcement email to, and you subscribe, please let me know at: perry@perryperkinsbooks.com, and I’ll remove you from my “auto update” list so you don’t get two messages. (Examiner doesn’t tell me who has subscribed, so that’s the only way I’ll know.)

If you’re not on my short list, and would rather be notified directly by me, than subscribing, email me at the same address, and I’ll add you to the list.

Thanks again! – P