Hey all,

Wow, what the heck happened to September? I blinked and all the leaves had fallen and there was frost on my (unmowed) lawn!

So anyway, the kiddo has, in the last several months developed some strange super-power that allows her to run 90mph from dawn to dusk. (I think maybe she’s a X-Man, like that girl who could zip through walls!) I thought that training for a marathon woudl help me keep up…oh, the foolishness!

Her current favorite phrase is, “Whatcha doon, Honey?” Which is cute enough to get her own of all kinds of trouble!

The picture above is Grace and I getting in some coloring time at the beach while mommy helped with the Hood to Coast Marathon.

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Oh, and my story about Gracie “Waiting for Our Miracle” was just published in an anthology titled, “Hope Whispers” and for something completely different, please check out my short story, “Rat” in the apocolyptic anthology, “End of Days.” Be forewarned, it ain’t a Chicken Soup story, lol.

Thanks everyone!

– Gracie’s Daddy