Hey everyone,

Okay, a couple of updates on this post. Mitch, the fishing guide who ministers to Iraq vets and the parents of our fallen hereos, is still needing some help in paying for this storage unit and getting ahold of the gear he needs to continue this important ministry (see below.)

We have raised $150.00, but we need to come up with another $500.00. If you can contribute even $10, or $20 dollars, you’ll be partnering with a real man og God who has sacraficed his own security to be “love and light” to our soldiers and thier parents.

Special thanks to:

C.C. for your $50 contribution
L.K. for your $100 contribution

You have helped us minister to those who have given everything for our freedom!
We’re accepting PayPal donations at

If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can send a check to: PerryPerkinsBooks PO Box 21, Wilsonville Oregon 97070. Please make a note on your check that this is a “donation.”

I’ll continue to update this post. Dave Troyer and Mitch will be making a guest post early next week.

Continue to pray for our fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters who are putting themselves in harms way for us.




Hey all,
I recieved the email (below) from my close friend, Dave Troyer. As many of you know, Dave lost a son in Iraq, and so this request held some special signifigance.
If anyone reading this would like to help us help this guy out, you can contact me at perry (at), post below, or give me a call. I’m hoping to get enough $10-$20 donations to help his current situation, and then help fund future ministry.
If you would like to contribute via PayPal, you may do so at (please make the subject “Donation”) I’ll post a complete disclosure of all donation at the end of the week.
Short note on help needed. I would like to try to avoid using this gentleman’s name if possible as I think he doesn’t like to make vocal his needs. He would rather focus on helping others.
This is a man who lost a good friend in Iraq, and has since made it his mission and ministry to help returning veterans re-adjust to daily life by spending some time in a relaxing environment, talking about thier experineces, and enjoying the outdoors. He has taken countless returning vets (as well as the parents of fallen heroes, myself included) on multiday fishing trips around Oregon.
Now, he has a need that he isn’t quite sure how to address, therefore, I am trying to do it for him.
He has most of his stuff in storage and has gotten behind in his rent. He has to come up with $650.00 before the 5th of October or they auction off his stuff, he told me he has stuff in there to sell but can’t access it, due to being behind.
Does anyone want to help this selfless man in helping him get his belongings back? He has someone who has offerred to store it for him for nothing once he gets it out. This is urgent, so let us see what we can do. I believe he is also interested in setting up a non-profit to get donations and corporate sponsorships in his endeavour to help our troops.
God Bless,