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Hey all,
I recieved the email (below) from my close friend, Dave Troyer. As many of you know, Dave lost a son in Iraq, and so this request held some special signifigance.
If anyone reading this would like to help us help this guy out, you can contact me at perry (at) perryperkinsbooks.com, post below, or give me a call. I’m hoping to get enough $10-$20 donations to help his current situation, and then help fund future ministry.
If you would like to contribute via PayPal, you may do so at orders@perryperkinsbooks.com (please make the subject “Donation”) I’ll post a complete disclosure of all donation at the end of the week.
Short note on help needed. I would like to try to avoid using this gentleman’s name if possible as I think he doesn’t like to make vocal his needs. He would rather focus on helping others.
This is a man who lost a good friend in Iraq, and has since made it his mission and ministry to help returning veterans re-adjust to daily life by spending some time in a relaxing environment, talking about thier experineces, and enjoying the outdoors. He has taken countless returning vets (as well as the parents of fallen heroes, myself included) on multiday fishing trips around Oregon.
Now, he has a need that he isn’t quite sure how to address, therefore, I am trying to do it for him.
He has most of his stuff in storage and has gotten behind in his rent. He has to come up with $650.00 before the 5th of October or they auction off his stuff, he told me he has stuff in there to sell but can’t access it, due to being behind.
Does anyone want to help this selfless man in helping him get his belongings back? He has someone who has offerred to store it for him for nothing once he gets it out. This is urgent, so let us see what we can do. I believe he is also interested in setting up a non-profit to get donations and corporate sponsorships in his endeavour to help our troops.
God Bless,

New Business

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Hey Everyone!

Well, in our ongoing hope of one day being able to send our daughter to college, we’ve started up a new business to help bolster my writing income. As of September first we’re officially independent telecom brokers!

As a broker, I work with most of the major cell-phone carriers and can do both upgrades and new services for both hardware and contracts (we have some very nice pricing on phones, and a huge selection.)

Along with wireless phone service, I can also offer local home & long distance, and digital Voice Over IP which basically turns your internet connection into your phone line with unlimited calling, USB air-cards for internet access anywhere (no Wi-Fi required), and just about every cell-phone accessory you can imagine.

I also broker services for ADT (home security), DISH Network, and Direct TV.

Lastly, we have a very cool video phone (digital, so you’d have to have high-speed internet access) that let’s you see the people you’re talking to, assuming of course, that they have a video phone as well. This is great for seeing the grand-kids, and connecting with friends and family that live far off. The phone runs about the same price as a good digital photo frame (in fact, it is a digital photo frame when you’re not on a call) and the phone service is about $30 a month.

So, if you’ve been thinking about getting a new phone, switching carriers, or need any of the services listed above, let me know and I can get you a quote. I get my commissions directly from the service provider, so there’s no additional cost for you. You have no idea how much this would help us!  Even if I can offer you the same services you’re getting now for the same cost, it would really mean a lot if you would consider signing up your services through me. 

Feel free to comment below, or send me an email (perry AT perryperkinsbooks DOT com) and I’ll get back to you asap.

Thanks everyone,

-Gracie’s Daddy

The Great Escape!



Here’s a little video that explains my explosion of gray hair…


-Gracie’s Daddy

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Hey everyone,

Thought it was about time to post some recent articles that I’ve written on my parenting site.

Take a look, leave a comment, and enjoy!

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-Gracie’s Daddy

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