As Dads, we often give up a lot of our pre-parent activities when the kids come along.

Most of these are a more-than-fair trade off, but all too often, we find ourselves a couple of years down the road, with an energetic two-year-old and a bad case of couch-potato.

Let’s face it, it’s hard to make those Thursday night basketball games and the early morning racket-ball reservations, when you’re toting around a toddler, (or picking up the extra duties for a mom that’s doing the toting.)

We keep telling ourselves, “I gotta get back in shape.”

Brother, that’s the truth!

That two-year-old tornado is just going to get bigger, heavier, and faster for a lot of years, and the time to get back into shape, if we ever hope to keep up with them, is now.

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