There’s Bigfoot in my Closet
There’s Bigfoot in my closet, I really wouldn’t lie,
He makes all sorts of trouble, things I wouldn’t even try.
He put shampoo in the dishwasher, and the kitchen’s full of suds,
He cut my baby sister’s hair, cut it right down to the nubs!
He’s very big and hairy, and he makes a dreadful noise,
But always hides behind the drapes, or in my box of toys.
Then Mommy comes and tells me that I’d better go to sleep,
I tell her that it’s Bigfoot, but she says, “Not one more peep!”
He put extra broccoli on my plate (even though I’d ate my share!)
And then he stole my piece of pie, it really isn’t fair!
There are meatballs in the toaster, and Jell-O on the wall,
He even drew a Bigfoot mural up and down the hall.
He tracked mud on mommy’s carpet, poured milk in sister’s shoes,
and drew a beard (in purple ink!) while Daddy took a snooze.
He ate every cookie in the jar, and left crumbs all over the floor,
Hid a mouse in mommy’s shopping bag, and a frog in her chest-of-drawers.
There’s a Bigfoot in my closet, and he’s getting worse I fear.
I wish someone’d prove that he is real, ‘cause I’m grounded for a year!
-Gracie’s Daddy