Hey all,
Whew, what a great day! Vic watched the tornadoes most of the morning while I fired up the Caja China and started the pork shoulders for the luau. Underestimated the time, and ended up having to pack the Caja, still loaded with burning coals, into the back of a pick up and drive across town to the party site. I’m fairly certain that there must be a law against that…
Plenty of sunshine and smiling faces at the luau. Pastor Doug had set up his pool, so the kids were having a great time. Uncle Terry baked homemade fruit pizzas for the party and the were…fully awe-some!
P1010105  P1010086
Menu was a potluck with luau pork, sticky rice, fresh baked Hawaiian rolls, and fruit salad. Auntie Michelle made an amazing tropical punch to wash it all down! The princess, of course, scored many beautiful presents, some new clothes, a fuzzy stuffed puppy, and her own CD Walkman (sort of) which she hasn’t put down yet!
P1010116  P1010106
By the end of the day, even the tornadoes were worn out and went to bed without a fuss. Still to hot for Mom and I to sleep, we stayed up and watched “The Incredible Hulk” (hopeless romantics that we are.)
A great day!
-Gracie’s Daddy