The sun rises on day two and finds the grown-ups still alive, and even more surprising, still in command!

The battle of the shopping cart continues (I think it may go “bye-bye” tonight).

Sarah decided that she had gotten plenty of sleep yesterday and was kind enough to wake us at 5am (see pic below.) However, unlike Gracie, who comes out of the chute buckin’, Sara was happy to settle into the couch with some milk and a book.

Did a 5-miler to the Post Office and back before the real heat set in, took naps, and then we all (even the babies) did our impressions of limp rags for the rest of the sweltering day. The heat was broken only by a few dips in Lake Frigid (the pool.)

I did make a quick run to the store while Vic stayed with the girls. I was amazed to find that when there are a couple of 2y/o babies at home in a 90d house…you can go the whole way to Winco and back in the slow lane and happily let every one pass you!

Some arts and crafts time, a cool dinner, and then it was off to bed again.

-Gracie’s Daddy

Question of the day: Do other people’s children bring out the worst in our own, or do we simply not notice it until there is another baby around to compare them to?


Day2a  Day2b
Sarah and I waiting for coffee                               Story Time

Playing together happily (luckily I’m fast with the camera)

Day2f  Day2e
Bathing Beauties