Well, okay…so Jesus really loves me…both girls slept past 8am.

Sara just woke up and had breakfast and Gracie was still asleep, so I was able to do the morning in shifts instead of dealing with the twin tornadoes at the same time. Big day was planned! Walk to the park, then back here to watch some Baby Einstein (Shakespeare, of course) then lunch, nap, then some pool time! Got everything done but the pool party, which has been moved to day (when there are two tall-folk to supervise!)

Notes on the day:

TWO dollies in the play area…GOOD.
ONE toy stroller in the play area…BAD.

A toy that hasn’t seen the light of day in months instantly becomes a prized possession of inestimatable value, possibly with life saving qualities and religious overtones, the instant another baby touches it.

Double-wide strollers are designed to be exactly the right width so that no matter where you position yourself in the grocery aisle, one of the children can always reach the shelves.

There is a reason that no Baby Einstein video has ever won an academy award.

– Gracie’s Daddy

Pictures of the day:

Hitting the open road

Kickin’ back for TV time. (Every child must get their 3.5 hours, you know.)