Hey all,

You guys know that I don’t often promote toys and such here, but sometimes you come across something so great, you just have to share it.

Last week, Vic, Gracie, & I wandered over to the Art On The Town event here in Wilsonville. It was hot…I mean blistering HOT, and all I wanted to do was walk the loop as quickly as possible, and then go find a Slupree.

Now, I’m glad I went.

As we were making out way through displays of jewelry, leaf-art, and Elephant Ear vendors, one shop caught Gracie’s attention, and nothing would do but to stop and look.

The table was manned by Del O’Shell of SOFTOYS, and on display were…well, soft toys.

These things are so cool!

Totally toddler friendly, and all hand-made by Del’s wife Eppie up in Shelton Washington. She’s obviously a very talented seamstress, and each of the little books and animals about peaked my personal cute-o-meter.

Gracie fell in love with the Noah’s Ark set (which, of course, we bought her) pictured above, which comes with 8 soft-sculpted animals.


When I asked Del how much ol’ Noah and the gang were going to set me back, I was prepared for a fifty or sixty dollar price tag, and a disappointed daughter. But, the whole set was just 24 bucks! Again, this is all hand-sewn stuff, made right here in the Northwest, so I was pretty surprised at the deal.

I jumped over to the SOFTOYS website (only one “T”) and found that they have all kinds of great stuff there. You KNOW I’m going to have to get her the Fishing Game, lol, but the Safari Bag (below) is too cool to pass up as well.


Here are my favorites:

Medical Kit
Tool Box
Fishing Game

The hardest part was deciding which one to get, they’re all awesome!

The best thing (for Mom & Dad) about these is that each is self-contained. Each kit closes up and holds the animals, or tools, or “medical equipment” that goes with it, and they’re all in the $20-$30 range.

The best thing for Gracie, is that she LOVES her Noah’s Ark, and can’t hurt herself (or me) with it!

So, here’s a chance to pick up some great gifts for your (or others) little ones, at a decent price, and help support a local artist at the same time.

Del & Eppie O’Shell

Oh, and they’re all machine washable, so those Slurpee stains will come right out!

-Gracie’s Daddy