So, along with the rest of the free world, the girls and I went to the beach yesterday.

This was Gracie’s first “real” trip to the coast. She was still in bread-loaf mode the last time we went, and this time she actually got to run around and play.

We found a great beach just north of Pacific City where we could actually drive right down onto the beach (though we might have left a fair portion of our undercarriage on the “road” down!)


Whipped up some mushroom swiss burgers on the grill-to-go, broke out the camp chairs and basked in the sun.


The consensus…the pickle loves the beach. Like Mommy, she’s apparently ½ mermaid, and can’t resist the call of the sea. The two of them played in the incoming tide most of the day, while daddy stayed on dry land and took pictures. (I dipped a toe in…BRRR!)

P1010102  P1010103

After a VERY quick trip through Tillamook Cheese Factory (with about ten zillion other people) we brought a very sleepy baby home.

More pics below.

Great day!

-Gracie’s Daddy

P1010153 P1010164

P1010081 P1010098