Well, yesterday was the first really beautiful day of the year. Sunshine, blue skies, and 80 degrees.


We packed up the girl and went to out favorite park. We went to parks last summer, but this was the first time Gracie was big enough to really run free and explore.


p1010084 p1010088 


And, boy did she!


You’d think it would be easy to keep a kid hemmed into a three-block by two block park, but Mommy and I spent most of our time herding her away from the street, out of the bark dust, and away from kids who had toys that she wanted, lol.


p1010091 park3 


She seemed non-plussed by the 20-ft tall Gentle Ben statue, and had no love for the swings, but she got a kick out of running in the grass.


Sadly, not all was popsicles and dandelions.


Her rubber-bottom shoes were not, apparently, well suited from the sudden change from grass to sidewalk, and the resulting crash-dive precipitated our first case of scraped knees (of future thousands, I’m sure.)


park4 park5 


I think Mom and I were more traumatized than the kid, who, after a brief flurry of tears, was up and racing for the street again.


So, as cute at the summer-wear was, next time we’ll be wearing jeans, and as entertaining as the playground (should) be, we’ll bring our own ball…and maybe a harness.


-Gracie’s Daddy