We did not get a nap today,

I’m not quite sure what else to say.


The sink is full, the floor’s a fright,

we ran from dawn, ‘til dark of night.


The laundry’s piled, no work got done,

she threw up twice (once, just for fun!)


My eyes are red, my feet complain,

my cell-phone clogs the toilet drain.


There’s marinara on the walls,

and Legos up and down the halls.


A banana’s stuck in the VCR,

and ketchup spread about the car.


The ceiling fan is on the floor,

your mother called (need I say more?)


The cat is bald, the goldfish dead,

the dog is hidden ‘neath the bed.


For tomorrow I can only pray,

‘cause we did not get a nap today!


-Gracie’s Daddy