Phlash the Wonder-Dog



Phlash was our Christmas gift to each other the first year of our marriage. A three-month-old ball of fur that fit in my right hand, and the runt that edged-out his litter-mates by snuggling into Vickie’s neck and giving her a kiss the first time she picked him up. (He was always a great schmooze.)




Over the next thirteen years, he moved with us through six homes, four cities, and innumerable camp sites. He had a passionate hatred for geese, and we never figured out why. His love could be bought with a pizza crust or an ear skritch.




He was the puppy that drove us crazy while refusing to be house-trained, who later learned to ring a bell when he needed to go out, our only child during long, dark years of infertility and disappointment. He was Grandpa’s “buddy” who got fed from the table when neither thought we were looking, and finally, he became our daughter’s favorite baby. One of her first words was, “Puppy.”


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She also fed him from the table when they thought we weren’t looking.




He was our “Hoover Hound,” who ate five pounds of raw chicken wings, a two-pound loaf of uncooked bread dough, and an entire bag of mini peanut-butter cups. The candy was the only one that required a trip to the vet, as he didn’t bother to unwrap them first.


phlashribs11 indianhenrymephlash2


He peed on my feet (twice), and ran head first through our door screen, taking it into the yard with him. He demanded his own camp chair, and got it.


indianhenryvaldanphlash 100_1159 




You ruined our carpets, raided our (and other’s) pantries, invaded our bed, and filled our lives with all of the frustration, worry, love, and laughter that only a member of the family can.


As hard as it was, I’m glad I was there at the end. I’m glad you could feel my hand, and hear my voice. I’m glad I could say, “Good dog!” one last time.


If there is a special place in heaven for pets, I hope that it’s filled with fast-food and slow geese.


Goodbye, “Trouble”…we’ll miss you.


– Dad, Momma, & Gracie.





PS – If you have any special memories, funny or poignant, of Phlash, please share them below!