Okay, so we talk a lot about Gracie’s Daddy here on ricecerealsucks, but today I want to focus on Gracie’s Mommy (who just happens to be the best mommy ever!)


Gracie’s Mommy is out of town this week, visiting her own mommy, who is in the hospital, and she’s missing her baby somethin’ fierce. Gracie misses her too, and asks about her often (like every 5 minutes, lol) and can’t wait to see her again on Friday!


She told me so herself.


So, I thought Mommy make like to take a little stroll down memory lane and remember how much Gracie loves her Mommy!


I asked Gracie if it was okay to post these pictures, and she said, “Sure!”




-Gracie’s Daddy

(I love you, baby!)



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