Hey all,


Let me give you a quick preamble to this (long) post:


When I was a baby, my parents and I hitch-hiked from Georgia to Oregon, sending their “travelling money” ahead to my Grandparents to they’d have a grubstake when they got here.


They shipped most of their belongings ahead as well, only keeping with them a few items that they deemed to valuable to risk sending in the mail. (Family pictures and such.)


Somewhere along the line, the motel room they were staying in was burglarized and both of their suitcases were stolen. So, except for a few pictures that my mother kept in her purse, and my dad in his wallet, almost all of my families keepsakes prior to my second birthday were gone. (Their wedding pics and announcement, my birth pics, etc.)


So, a couple of months ago, after dad passed away, I got an email from my cousin Tricia in Georgia. She’d come across some pictures and family mementos and, knowing that I had been working on our family genealogy, she promised to ship them up to me.


Needless to say, I was pretty excited when I went to the post-office yesterday and found a big cardboard box waiting for me.


It was packed with some very cool stuff. I found a Japanese scarf and memorial lighter that my Uncle Raymond had sent to my Grandmother while stationed in Japan during WWII, some letters and cards that my folks had sent my grandfolks, and even a birthday card to my grandmother signed by me (sort of, lol.)


There were some great photos of my granddad cooking in the WPA, fishing, and playing poker (the apple apparently didn’t fall far from the tree!) old deeds, receipts, all the stuff you would imagine finding in your grandmother’s attic.



There’s an envelope full (and I mean FULL) of old fashioned negatives, probably from the mid to late fifties that I need to figure out how to get developed.Genealogy-wise, it’s a gold mine.


Then, near the bottom of the box I found this picture:




Yup…that’s me (probably six months old or so) and my dad. He’s ten years younger than I am now, and a different person than I ever remember knowing.


The next few hours were a little blurry and I still haven’t come to grips with the invaluable thing that my cousin and aunt have done for me.


It’s just amazing.


-Gracie’s Daddy