Okay, so I’m about ten years older than I was yesterday.

Here’s what happened…

Gracie went down for her nap around 11am, as usual, and I went to my office to work. I have a baby monitor in there so I can hear if anything is happening in her room.

Around noon, I heard her moving around in her crib (the springs are squeaky) and I waited a couple on minutes to see if she’d settle back down as she usually does. She did, and all was quiet again.

A few minutes later, I heard music coming from her room (she has an electronic music box on the night table.)

I thought, “That’s weird…how did that just come on?”

(Yes…yes…don’t get ahead of me…)

I stopped writing and listened to the monitor, but again, all was quiet.

Ten minutes pass…

I hear a weird, “Brrroooiiinnnggg” sound through the monitor and realize it’s the sound of the doorstop spring. I think, “Oh crap! I closed the dog in there! Now I have to go in and try to get him out without waking her up…”

Sure enough, I open the door ever so slowly and…no dog.

Instead, I find this…


Except that, my eighteen-month-old daughter is sitting in the eye of this hurricane, happily playing with a stuffed animal.

I just stood there in shock, thinking, “I ain’t seeing what I’m seeing!”

Sure enough, we’d raised the end of her mattress with a couple of pillows, because she’s had a stuffy nose, and she had somehow managed to get a foot (I’m assuming) into the head rails, lifted herself over onto her blanket-box, and from there…lowered herself to the floor.

Here’s the presumed path of escape:


She couldn’t have just fallen from the rail, or from the box, or I’d have heard the THUMP and ensuing wails!

Needless to say, the mattress has been lowered back into its original position, but now that she knows she CAN get out of her crib, what the heck am I supposed to do?

I’m going to go lay down now…

-Gracie’s Daddy