Hey all,

So, I’m a work-from-home daddy, and I usually do my morning Wii-Fit workout after Vic leaves for the office, but before Grace (our daughter) goes down for her morning nap.

Baby Gracie currently thinks the funniest thing in the world is watching her plus-size papa doing the Super-Hula, and she always follows along from her play area (in the same room.)

Tonight, after a couple of quick games of bowling, Vic and I sat down and just let her run around. She went straight to the couch (under which we store the Wii-Fit) pulled out the board, and began to hula for us.


Well, I’m assuming it was the hula…she appears to have gotten her coordination from me, lol.

Amazingly, I was lucky enough to have the camera at hand and caught these…

hula1  hula2