Hey Moms,

I’ve been asked to write an article of tips for dads, for a parenting magazine, and I need your professional advice.

Whether your hubby is a “stay at home,” “work from home,” or simple takes care of the kids to give Mommy an occasional sanity break, I’m sure there are things that he does during the care of feeding of your offspring that…

…you wished he wouldn’t, or that he would do them differently.

…that he does GREAT, and you wish he would do them even more.

…that he does PERFECTLY, and you think other dads would benefit from them.

So…that said, please don’t make this a bash-fest, lol. I’m not looking for “can you believe the stupid thing my husband did?” answers. I don’t need to research those, I do enough of that myself.

What I need is some pieces of advice, or “baby care” wisdom that you would like to pass on to fathers who are taking care of the kid(s).

The working title of the article is, “10 Things Mommy Wished Daddy Knew.”

Again, this is to be a positive article on fathers and husbands, so be kind, and don’t hesitate to brag.


– Gracie’s Daddy