Time 10:40am

Temperature: Somewhere between twenty degrees and GOOD LORD!

The mission: Gracie’s first snowman.


After bundling the girl up in about twenty-seven layers of clothes, (she couldn’t communicate it verbally, but everything in her countenance screamed, “I can’t put my arms down!”) we ventured out into the yard to begin assembly.


The snow was uncooperative.


We quickly found that said snow was too cold and dry to roll into a ball, or to stay together for the more traditional upright snowman, or even a decent snowball. Hence, Grace learned her first valuable lesson of the day, that there is little in life more worthless than snow that can’t be formed into a snowball.


After much consultation, it was decided that perhaps it would be simpler to have build a recumbent snowman, laying on his back and catching some rays.




By the way, what ever happened to the phrase, “numb from cold?”


I used to play in the snow for hours, using the unfeeling flippers of my hands to built snow-forts, launch snowballs, and make snow-angels (which, admittedly, always looked more like convulsive snow-sumo wrestlers, than angels…) and nothing ever hurt after the first few minutes!


Now, I’ve discovered that there are only four levels of cold anymore…


  1. pain
  2. Pain!
  3. PAIN!!!
  4. clunk


Nothing just goes numb anymore.


Anyway…I regret to say that I was, overall, somewhat disappointed in Gracie’s level of assistance in building the snowman, most of which involved her napping in a warm crib while management froze it’s hiney off outside…


Finally, after several cups of coffee and a couple of frost-bitten rushes to the bathroom, the job was complete, and the girl was brought out for the obligatory pictures, (she was much more interested in eating the snow than playing in it…) and management returned to the house to await the thawing of his fingers so he could type this post.




Once I’ve warmed up a bit more, I’m planning on going back out and gathering all the parts that fell off…



-Gracie’s Daddy


PS – Gratuitous bunny-ears picture…