Hey all,


TeamPerk is getting geared up for our traditional “Christmas Tree Day” tomorrow. Usually we do so on the first Saturday after Thanksgiving, but we were late getting home from Eugene last week. The pic above is from last years “hunt.”


Tomorrow, we’ll bundle up and head to a local farm to pick our tree which, after much careful consideration, Vic will name (admittedly, still seems a little weird to me, like naming a deer I just shot, lol) and then home again.


After we set it up, Vic and Gracie will decorate the tree while I make Vic’s favorite cocoa, then we’ll settle down to watch a Christmas movie together (we have a box full with the Christmas stuff.)


One of our favorite days of the year!


Vic’s Favorite Cocoa

3 – standard size Hershey milk chocolate bars, diced

3 – standard size Peppermint patty bars, diced (or 9 minis, depending on what I can find)

1 – pint half & half

1 – qt whole milk


Simmer (do NOT boil) milk in a large saucepan and then add remaining ingredients, stirring constantly until melted and well mixed.


Serve immediately (before it turns solid again, lol)


I can only drink and 1/2 cup of this stuff at a sitting, but it sure is good!


I sometimes replace the Peppermint Patties with ½ cup of caramel ice cream topping, but Vic likes the mint better.