Why Daddy has gray hair…


So, I hear the kid calling my name from the living room…


I come running in to see what’s up and here’s what I find…


You’ll have to picture this pose with her arms straight up in the air and a huge grin on her face. Then she stayed balanced there while I found the camera and took the pic.

I think I need a nap…


Muppet Power






Confession time…


Vic and I have agreed, based on volumes of current study, not to let Gracie watch TV until she’s two. (Studies relate TV watching in children under two to increased likelihood of A.D.D. later in life.)


Today, however, Gracie was teething and grumpy, and I had a TON of work to get done, so I, in my sin, popped a “Muppets” DVD in, and let it play in sight of her highchair, as I gave her lunch…


GOOD LORD ALMIGHTY!!!  I feel like I just handed my daughter a crack-pipe!


Not only was she non-fussy, but she ignored her lunch and sat, for 45 minutes, stock-still in her high chair, not even acknowledging me when I passed through the room!


Seriously, it’s scary…I think I could leave her sitting there watching Kemit and Fozzy until she started to grow moss, and she’d never make a peep! She has ceased to be a person and become another piece of furniture in my living room!


If I wasn’t convinced that TV was dangerous for babies before, I am now…and I’m pulling the plug!


Well…I will as soon as this episode is over…it’s the one with Jim Neighbors…




New Gracie Pics


Hey all,

Sorry it’s been so quiet around here lately. Trying to get this novel done by the end of the month has really cut into my blogging time (not to mention housework, facebook, and personal hygiene…lol.)

Gracie is now a walkin’ machine, new favorite food is beets, new favorite toy is her Areiel cell phone (God bless you, Audrey!) and new word is “No” (loudly and rapidly…NONONONONONONONO!) I don’t know WHO to thank for THAT, but I’ll find you!

Here are some recent pics of the kid…


 The Cell Phone                                              


Stealin’ the dog’ bed


Thinkin’ inside the box                                 


Playtime with Mommy!


Again with the box?