Grandma Betty’s Prayer




Hey all,


Okay, so every once in a while God slips us a blessing totally out of the blue, something completely unanticipated, and when you least expect it.


Several weeks ago my father, Gracie’s Grandpa Frank, passed away. In the course of the events that followed, I had a chance to trade emails with a cousin of mine in Georgia (daughter of Frank’s sister, my aunt Marlene.) Apparently, when she was young and I was just an infant (or perhaps not even born yet) she stayed with my Mom and Dad for a while, and her memories of them, while new to me, were very sweet.


She said…


“I am glad you were close and you got to be with him in the end. I’m glad he no longer suffers. I’m glad he got to see and know Gracie. I am also glad he was a child of God and will now know the joy we have awaiting us someday and we’ll all be together.


Uncle Frank and Aunt Betty were very good to me. In Oregon they spoiled me and I was like their pet. They bought me an Easter Basket when I spent the night on Easter Eve, and told me not to tell the other children, and of course, being a kid I told ‘em all as soon as we got to Grandmas house!


They took me to the theater (my first indoor movie) to see Dr. Zhivago and when we went home we had blueberry ice cream. When I said my bedtime prayers, I had always said…


“Now I lay me down to sleep …if I should die before I wake, etc, etc.”


Your mom taught me how to say it differently. She said she was very sick as a little so her mother changed the death part to make it more pleasant.”


Needless to say, I was intrigued, as I’m sure that whatever version of the prayer my mother taught my cousin, was the same one she later prayed over me as a baby, though I have no memory of it.  I wrote back asking if she (my cousin) remembered the prayer, and here was her response…


I used to pray…“Now I Lay Me down to sleep, I pray the Lord My soul to keep, if I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord My soul to take.”


Your Mom taught me:


“Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep. Dear Lord protect me through the night, and wake me with the morning light. God Bless Mommy, and Daddy, etc, etc.”


My mom passed away in 1988, twenty years too early to have met her first granddaughter. But now I have something of her to pass along to Gracie, a little bit of her that might otherwise have been lost.


What a blessing that is!





A Day in the Life…

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6:00am – Wakin’ up.          




6:10am – Morning bottle



6:30am – Breakfast.                         




7:00 Play Time!




8:00am – Helpin’ Daddy Write.                  




10:00am – Errands




11:00am – Mornin’ nap                      


12:00pm – Lunch


1:00pm – “Helping” Daddy              


2:00pm – Story Time


2:30pm – Play Time                              


3:30pm – Pre-nap TCB



5:00pm – Mommy’s Home!              


5:30pm – Dinner



6:00pm – Play Time with Mommy                           

7:00pm – Evening bottle

             7:30pm – Bedtime