“So…I’m sure there will be many more experiences even worse than these, but this is the first thing that has really made me say, “Oh…My…God…!”

Was it only two nights ago that I wrote that? How naive I was in those days.

It’s now day three of Gracie being sick. She’s still throwning up, and we’re forcing pedialite down her so she has something to throw up (per the advice nurse.) She is keeping down her meals, at least most of them, she usually doesn’t start throwing up until a couple hours afterward. So, at least she isn’t starving.

Everytime she starts heaving, she cries and looks back and forth between Vic and I as though asking us why we won’t make it stop.

If that weren’t bad enough, we have to subject her to the dreaded “snot bulb” every hour or so, and the thermometer twice a day (temp still normal), each of which only makes her cry harder…which makes her throw up again.

Any advice, Moms?

This part blows.