Feeding Gracie her lunch today, I realized that my communication with her, over a bowlful of chicken salad, pretty much summarizes God’s communication with me since I was saved at sixteen.


Gracie: takes a big bite of lunch.

Me: “Good girl, Gracie!”


Gracie:  swats the next spoonful away, into the doggie zone.

Me: “No Gracie.”


Gracie: swats another spoonful away.

Me: (swatting her hand) “I said ‘No” Gracie…”

Gracie cries.


Gracie: takes the next big bite.

Me: “Good girl, Gracie!”


When she does what I ask of her, she gets praised, when she rebels, she gets warned. If she rebels again, she gets punished.


This goes on meal after meal, day after day…


Seems like a pretty average parent/infant meal conversation, huh?


Let’s transpose some words…


Perry: Obeys the word of the Lord.

God: “Good job, Perry!”


Perry: Rejects the word of the Lord, and follows his flesh.

God: “No, Perry.”


Perry: Rejects God’s word again, and willfully sins.

God: (allows me to suffer the consequences for my sin) “I said “No’ Perry…”


Perry: Repents and turns back to the Lord.

God: “Good job, Perry!”


When I follow the precepts that the Lord has given me (the Bible) I get rewarded, when I rebel, I gets warned. If (when) I rebel again, I get punished (by living the consequences of my sin.)


Day after day, year after year…


Everyday at lunchtime I find myself saying to Grace, “If you’ll just obey, I’ll feed you, and praise you, and you’ll be happy…”


How many times has God said the same to me?