At almost eighty degrees today, it’s hard to reember that it was hailing just last week, and snowing the week before that! By the time Vic got home from a rare 1/2 Saturday in the office, we were all ready to get out into the sunshine.

As this was Gracie’s very first picnic, we decided we’d better do it right…stopping at Popeye’s Chicken for some bird, taters, and coleslaw to go (it was another 20 miles round-trip to get to a KFC but, in retrospect, it would have been worth it. It was a toss-up which was worse, the food or the customer service, lol)

Besides, she slept through that part anyway!


Got to the park, had us some lunch under a shady tree, then went for a nice walk though the park in the new pink stroller. Throw in my dad chain-smoking and starving ducks attacking me for my food, and it would have been just like the old days at Blue Lake Park.

Oh, and we got to wear our shades for the first time too. Luckily, Mommy is fast with the camera!