Okay, I’ve had a few proud moments in my life. Probably not as many as I should, but I’ve achieved a couple of goals, gotten some applause and even a cheap plastic trophy or two…but none of those compare to this morning.

This morning I taught my daughter how to roar!

And not some wimpy, accidental growling noise either, I’m talkin’ about a full-fledged “bear claws in the air, attacking-grizzly roar!” (I do admit that it will look more impressive after she’s grown some more teeth, right now she looks a lot like my dad yawning.)


I walked up to her and, raising my hands in the form of claws, I snarled at my 8-month old daughter (not a game I’ve found in ANY of the parenting books, btw…) and she did it back!

We’ve been roaring at each other all morning.

That’s my girl!


PS – The picture above is what happens when you remove the rubber-band that “Auntie Dana” used to “do up” Gracie’s hair. It literally went…”SPROINGGG!”