As a stay-at-home dad of a 7mo-old, I haven’t heard a lot of “quote-ables” from my own kid yet (tho’ I’m sure I will) but I also happen to baby-sit for our Ladies Bible Study every Monday morning, and you’d be amazed what a four little kids can come up with in a two hour period.

I’ve learned to just sit back, shut up, and listen…it’s better than any stand-up comic out there!

Here’s a few of the things I’ve heard:

Farm Animals
Background: Three of the kids are sharing a “farm animals” story book.
Little boy (pointing to the cow): “That’s an udder, that’s where the milk comes out.”
Little girl (who recently became an older sister): “Yeah…my mom’s got those.”

Boys vs. Girls
Background: Little girl is playing with a doll
Little girl: “This doll has an outie.”
Little boy (shakes his head): “Huh-uh, girls have innies, boys have outies.”
Little girl: “I talking about her belly-button!”
Little boy: “Oh…yeah.”

Chop you up
Background: Boy and girl are playing with two “karate-chop” dolls.
Little boy (to doll): “Give me your shirt or I’ll chop you up!”
Little girl: “Okay.”
Little boy: No! You’re supposed to fight!
Little girl: I don’t want to fight, you can have the shirt (gives him the dolls shirt.)
Little boy: “Okay,” (pauses) “Well, I’m going to chop you up anyway!”