Caption Contest Winner & New Pics

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We had a number of great entries in the “Princess Gracie Caption Contest” as well as several that sucked like an atomic Hoover… (we won’t mention any names of course…*cough* DINANNA *cough*)

Still, after hours of agonizing, deliberating, and seeking much counsel (plus a few minutes to actually read your entries…) We have a TIE!

Soooo…we’re going to break this thing into two categories…

1. Best “stand alone” caption.
2. Best use of special effects (or the “most free time on their hands award!”)


Winner in the first category…

MARY LOU: with: “Crikey!!! Careful mates, when she raises her hair like that it means she is about to strike!!!!”

I can’t help it….Mary Lou…you had me at crikey…

Winner in the second category…

Our own beloved…Acerbic Villain!!! (Who, truth be told, is the fastest “photoshopper” I’ve ever seen. He must be getting awesome connection speeds from his Mom’s basement!) Vic and I agreed…the “Lion King” poster will be printed and hung in Gracie’s room!

Prizes will be determined, announced, and shipped shortly. (Ie: when I get around to it.)

And now, the additional pictures I promised…



The princess being prepared for her dedication. I call this the “Daddy, can I have a pony?” picture.


Gracie in her “Bumbo” seat…which we thought was pretty cool, but were immediately informed by several hundred relatives was a death trap. It has been retired…please stop calling.


I just can’t help myself (and hey, I’ll be the one paying for her counseling!)

I call this:

“Forget the milk…someone bring me a freakin’ latte!”



Princess Gracie Caption Contest

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Okay…okay…people are getting snarky because I haven’t posted recent pictures of the princess.

So, here’s one I took on our road-trip this last weekend.


Write me a caption for this picture, post it in the comments section below, and the one I like best will get a cool prize (…don’t ask, I don’t know yet.)



PS – I’ll post a few more pics, and the winner on Friday.

Perry & Gracie 2037

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…and let the mocking begin…