Hey all,

Here’s a great MSNBC article written by Brian Braiker (thank you Dinana) titled, “Just Don’t Call Me Mr. Mom.” Thought provoking an funny (my favorite combination.)

My favorite line:

“Still, the stereotypes persist. Martha Stewart Living recently hosted a ‘Mr. Mom Show’ in honor of ‘National Men Make Dinner Day.’ This was annoying on about 642 levels.”

Oh, and the butt-sniffing thing is true.



PS – In searching for Braiker’s blog (I never found one), I stumbled across one called Strollerderby.

From the page: “Updated more than twelve times daily by the wittiest parents in the blogosphere, Strollerderby provides a scroll of breaking news, spot-on reviews of entertainment and products, and irreverent discussions of hot topics.”

I spent some time there, and it looks great.

Definitely RSS worthy.