Things have been pretty quiet around here lately. Lot’s of baby pictures, job changes, etc..etc…yawn. I feel like stirring things up a bit, so I’m going to throw out a question that I really haven’t formed a solid opinion on, and see if, once again, the wisdom of my friends can help.

We had a couple of close friends over to dinner the other night and, somehow, the question of “Santa Claus” came up (I think we saw an old preview on one of my DVD’s)…anyway… THAT led to the “what are you going to tell Gracie when she’s older…” conversation.

Honestly…I’m stumped.

I mean, the little kid/writer (often the same element, lol) in me loves the idea of my baby girl experiencing the wonder of that particular fantasy. We’re big into Christmas here, and to be honest, the whole “Santa Claus is coming” thing is just fun. I WANT to see her eyes light up when we tell her Santa’s on his way. I WANT to have her hanging on every word as I read “The Night Before Christmas.”

On the OTHER hand…I still have a big problem with the fact that, when you take away all of the cute stories and chocolate sprinkles…I AM lying to my daughter. And, in fact, I’m telling her a lie that she will ABSOLUTLY find out is a lie, just about the time I’m going to want to her really trust what Mommy and Daddy have to say.

Those who know me know that I’m in no way a stick-in-the-mud. If anything, I’m a big twelve-year-old and I like to have fun with the best of them. At the same time, I’m now a father, and I’m responsible for at least shaping the direction this new person will go.

The scariest thing that’s been said to me so far was, “I just don’t want my (child) to think to themselves, ‘They said the tooth fairy was real, and she wasn’t. They said Santa was real, and he wasn’t. They say that Jesus is real…”

THAT’S the one that has me up at night.

So, what are you’re thoughts? Opinions? How have you parents handled it? How are you not-yet parents planning to handle it?

Am I over-reacting? Am I not taking it seriously enough?

Tell me what you think!

Thanks, -Perk