So as I’m now a full-time writer (more on that next time,) I’ve found a couple of new ways to supplement my income during the lean times (I’m told there are times BESIDES the lean times, I’m looking forward to those!) One way I do this is to baby-sit on Monday mornings for our Church women’s Bible study.

This morning, Grace and I got an early start, dropping Mommy off at work, hitting the coffee company, and then driving over to the church where our ladies meet. We got there about 45 minutes early, so I opened up the paper and started on the crosswords. The kiddo was asleep in the back…

About twenty minutes later I notice, from the corner of my eye, a van pull into the parking lot. It’s not one I recognized, so I dismissed it and went back to my paper. Vaguely, I realized that it’s driving slowly behind where I’m parked, then slooooowly past the front of my car again.

Subconsciously I racked it up to someone turning around and I STILL don’t look up.

Then I realize that the van has pulled around behind me again. At this point, protective Daddy mode kicks in and I grow suspicious as to what this driver is doing, what he wants with my child (an ironic assumption) and how quickly I could roll down the window and get off a shot, if need be.

THEN, the van pulls up parallel to me about three spaces away and the window rolls down. A VERY concerned looking woman (who I will later recognize as the host-church’s secretary) looks at me warily and asks, “Are you waiting for someone…?”

Then it hits me…

Here’s a guy, sitting in an empty parking lot at 7:30 in the morning, full beard, baseball cap, and wearing a black hooded sweatshirt…I pretty much screamed “Danger…Danger…Danger…”

I’d been profiled!

Before I could reply the woman suddenly recognized me and exclaimed, “Oh…you’re the BABYSITTER!”

Then she jumps out of her van and walks across the parking lot to the church without a backward glance.

I still can’t decide if I’m offended or not.

I mean, I like to think I could be considered a LITTLE dangerous. It’s like she said…”Oh, You’re the FLOWER GIRL”…and totally dismissed me.

Maybe I need a tattoo.


Okay…okay…here’s the pics:

Gracie, living the rough life…


Sportin’ her “TeamPerk” Outfit…


Helping Dad write…