So, I had an interesting conversation with a woman at work this morning. I was talking about how we just took Gracie on her first camping trip (see below), and I mentioned that it’s good practice, as she’ll be in hunting & fishing camps with daddy for the next twenty years or more.

Then my co-worker said the following: “Well, remember she’s a girl, don’t try to make a boy out of her.”

Is it just me, or was that an amazingly sexist thing to say? When I commented (with a laugh) that it seemed a little male-chauvinistic, she seemed shocked.

I guess I (we) hope to raise our little girl with the understanding that she can do anything she wants to do, regardless of societal gender-bias. I plan to have a daughter who knows how to pitch a tent, build a fire, catch, clean & cook a trout, etc, etc. If she wants to do those things, she won’t be excluded from the opportunity to learn, just because she’s a girl.

I know guys who take their boys out on these trips as soon as they can walk, but leave their daughters home with Mommy, or at least leave them in camp while the “guys” do their thing. I always think this is sad, as these dads are missing out on some great relationship time with their girls.

Maybe my perceptions are skewed, as I was raised by my mom, but my dad (a third generation professional chef,) taught me how to cook, an arena that is usually deemed the woman’s domain (which is ironic, as historically the head cook of the kitchen was nearly always a man.)

I hope Grace will understand that she accomplish anything her heart and head desires.

Maybe those are the organs we should focus on, when determining our kid’s activities?

Your thoughts?


PS – Just a note on the cooking thing… Guys, you want to really turn your wife on? Learn how to cook a couple of nice dinners a week for her, then do the dishes.

Trust me.

PPS – Here’s the pic as promised…