Gracie Questions

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Okay, I’ve gotten the question, “When are you going to post more pictures,” a lot, folks also seem to ask, “Which one of you does she look more like?” fairly often.

So, here’s a new pic, AND an answer to the second question. Keep in mind that Vic is about 3 1/2 months older than Grace in this pic, so the similarities so be even more amazing around Christmas.


Gracie, age: 6 weeks


Vickie, age: 5 months

So, she clearly is going to look like her Mama, which is a major answer to prayer, lol!



PS – Here’s Vickie’s new favorite pic…



Boys and Girls…

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So, I had an interesting conversation with a woman at work this morning. I was talking about how we just took Gracie on her first camping trip (see below), and I mentioned that it’s good practice, as she’ll be in hunting & fishing camps with daddy for the next twenty years or more.

Then my co-worker said the following: “Well, remember she’s a girl, don’t try to make a boy out of her.”

Is it just me, or was that an amazingly sexist thing to say? When I commented (with a laugh) that it seemed a little male-chauvinistic, she seemed shocked.


What a Cutie!

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Today’s post starts with a funny anecdote.

While we were in the hospital having Grace, we had an AWESOME nurse named Pat. One morning she came in and commented that Gracie was beautiful.

Now as much as I love to hear that, I laughed and said, “Well, yeah, you work here, you have to say that.”

She then let me in on a little secret, based on 20 years of maternity ward experience…

She said, “When someone at the hospital tells you that your that your baby is “beautiful,” they mean, your baby is beautiful.

When they look at your baby and say, “Aww, what a cutie…”

That means, “Wow, that is one ugly baby!”

I swear, that is exactly what she told us!

So, in that light, I’m going to post my top five WORST responses to seeing a newborn. Please add your own below…

5. “Wow, I mean…um…wow!”

4. “Aww, let me run down to the cafeteria and get a banana for your monkey!”

3. “You know, I hear the circus industry is wide open!”

2. “Did your nose start out like that?”

And #1: “That reminds me, we’re talking about Darwinism at church…I think I need to do some more reading…”

Your turn!