In the immortal words of Strongbad…HOLY CRAP!

Now I know why God made Gracie the cutest, most beautiful baby ever…it’s her only survival mechanism for 3am feedings.

I mean, I love my dog too, but if HE woke me up at 9:15p, 11:30p, 2:15a, 4:00a, and 7:00a, keeping me up for 40 minutes each time … well, you probaby don’t want to know what I would do (suffice it to say, PETA would not approve.)

But all Gracie has to do is make some cute little noise (including noises that I’M not allowed to make when we have company,) and not only is she forgiven, but I’m appologizing to her for the temperature of the baby wipes!

At this point, she’s just lucky I’m diapering the right end!

Ok, the Zombies are heading back to bed for another glorious 90 minutes…talk to you later!

– Perk

PS- Any good remidies for baby hiccups? – P