Baby Pictures

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Some updates:

1. Gracie has been sent to her room. Starting night-before-last we set up the uber-cool monitors and she slept happlily without having to lieten to daddy snore.

2. First bath. Okay, so she loves to have her hair shampooed, but she HATES being undressed (and we’re praying that continues into the mid-thirties…) So, it started out very pleasant and ended in a scream-fest. Got some cute pics, will upload soon.

3. Mom and baby are doing great. We’re getting some sleep (Grace gives up about 4 hours at a time, which we acknowledge as a gift from the Lord!) and we’re napping while she sleeps. Went for a walk around the neighborhood last night with baby asleep in the snuggly on my chest, where she was approximately 7000 degrees. I thank God daily that He chose to have us in a air-conditioned hospital during the 104 temps!

Also, it has been brought to my attention that there has been a dearth of pictures posted to the blog.

Here are a few of my favorites…

This is the official announcement pic…


My favorite shot of my girls…


The new and improved TeamPerk…


And, finally…my one “artsy” shot (so far…)


Before I sign out…

Just wanted to toss out a couple of “Thank you’s” Too many to list them all (we have awesome friends) but here are some that rise to the top of my sleep-deprived mind…

First and foremost…Jeni Bullis and Kathy Chaney.

If I wasn’t sure before, I am now firmly convinced that both of these women have angel-wings beneath thier shining armor.

You made a long, hard day (and night) so much better. We are currently planning which corner of the living room we are going to erect your shrines in. Seriously, you have unlimited gormet dinners for the asking. And, of course, Dan and Chris also, for covering the home front while your wives blessed us.

Di Anderson and Mel Zallee.

I told Vic that we need to have another baby just to get Mel’s tortellini and Di’s homemade bread again! Seriously, amazing dinners and a total blessing. PS – Mel…you have been included in the shrine-plans, the bouncy-seat has saved our sanity (well, mostly.)

Dane & Michelle Shores.

Our “baby encyclopedias.” What would we do without you guys? Bless you for orgaizing meals for us, I would have burned down the house and slept right through it!

Terry & Dana Ramsey.

Who adopted us from the very beginning and have been blessing us ever since. (And, btw, the hat is AWESOME!)

Again, there are tons of other folks who have been wonderful, but I’m going to sleep at the keyboard, so I’d better sign off.




The Morning After…

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In the immortal words of Strongbad…HOLY CRAP!

Now I know why God made Gracie the cutest, most beautiful baby ever…it’s her only survival mechanism for 3am feedings.

I mean, I love my dog too, but if HE woke me up at 9:15p, 11:30p, 2:15a, 4:00a, and 7:00a, keeping me up for 40 minutes each time … well, you probaby don’t want to know what I would do (suffice it to say, PETA would not approve.)

But all Gracie has to do is make some cute little noise (including noises that I’M not allowed to make when we have company,) and not only is she forgiven, but I’m appologizing to her for the temperature of the baby wipes!

At this point, she’s just lucky I’m diapering the right end!

Ok, the Zombies are heading back to bed for another glorious 90 minutes…talk to you later!

– Perk

PS- Any good remidies for baby hiccups? – P

Gracie Update

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Mom & baby are well!

Gracie’s doing her job, eating and pooping and all that! Mom and dad are getting some sleep.

Here are a couple of pics…

– Perk



At the Hospital!




Hey all,

Its about 1am monday morning and were at the hospital. Vic’s water broke around 11pm.

She’s asleep now and things probably won’t get interesting till 5 or 6am.

I’ll check back when I can.

– Perk

Still Waiting!



Okay, so the 4th has come and gone and…still no Gracie!

No contractions yet, so we have a Dr. appt tomorrow and he’ll set up an induction appointment for early next week, in case there is a no-go for launch over the weekend.

Mom is fine, but more than ready for a drive to the hospital. Soooo….to take our minds off the waiting game, let’s have a little contest!

Give me a day and a four-hour block of time that you think the baby will be born in. Check the replies above yours and don’t overlap times (same day guesses are fine…)

The winner will get a major prize!


PS – Vic DOES check this blog from time to time, so if you guess something like July 20th, I take no responsibility for the damage she will do to you… -P