Late nights

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Hey all,

Sorry I haven’t been posting as regularly, just trying to get the decks cleared here at work in advance of my “baby leave.” (Any day now…)

Blog posts, training, supplies orders…

Here’s a nice depressing shot I took with the ol’ camera phone as I left work around 7:30p to go grab some dinner before coming back.


(Yup, that’s my lonely little car…)

Soon the baby will be born and it will be nothing but umbrella drinks at the pool, right?



What a Weekend!

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Got my office torn down, boxed up and hauled out and MOST of the baby’s stuff set up in it’s place!

This is me upon successful completion of the stroller assmebly…two hours, no blood… (please note the duo coffee cup holders…woo-hoo!)

My girls posing with the pack’n play…

And…Phlash the Worthless looking nonplussed about losing his favorite snooze-spot.. (he liked to sleep under the desk that used to sit where the pack ‘n play is now.)

BTW, that Pack ‘N Play thing is freaking awesome! Nightlights, built in MP3 player, digital voice recorder and time (or sound triggered) playback…

Hey! Go back to sleep! Don’t MAKE me come in there!!!”

Now we just have to move in the 7000 cute little outfits Gracie has been given, and we’re good to go!

Three weeks and counting…