Well all, just a quick update…

Survived the LA wedding, though I’m probably the only person to SHOW UP for a Hawaiian cruise already sun-burned. (Unannounced outdoor wedding facing the afternoon sun – ouch!)

Danced with my little sister on her wedding day, tho, which was pretty great.

This place (Hawaii) is awesome! The canyon and river ride were great, food has been great (ugh, I’m so full). IZ (one of my favorite musicians) is like Elivis and the Beatles all rolled up into one over here, and they play his stuff everywhere. I have, however, been told “aloha” about 17 gazillion times so far, and it’s only monday.

Pictures will have to wait until I get back, as my laptop died the night before we left (of course), so I’m posting from the internet cafe, which charges .75 per minute (see how much I love you all?)

On that note I’m outta here. I love you all, but I’m not going to waste perfectly good Mai-tai money on you…