Wow, what a week…trying to get the desk cleared for a ten day vacation! As I’ve never taken a ten day vacation before, I wasn’t aware what this was going to mean.

Let’s just say…I’m READY for Hawaii now, lol.

I’ll try to post a couple of times along the way, the ship has a “internet cafe” so we’ll see how that works. Current plans are to visit the Waimea Canyon, the Royal Kona coffee company, and take in a luau on Maui. Rough, I know!

Figured, with the baby coming in July, this might be our last chance (for a while) to take a nice trip and just focus on us.

Any “must see/must do” advice from some of you globe trotters?

Talk to you soon,


PS – If you’ve never heard the term “babymoon” click here.