Gearing up for Babymoon!



Wow, what a week…trying to get the desk cleared for a ten day vacation! As I’ve never taken a ten day vacation before, I wasn’t aware what this was going to mean.

Let’s just say…I’m READY for Hawaii now, lol.

I’ll try to post a couple of times along the way, the ship has a “internet cafe” so we’ll see how that works. Current plans are to visit the Waimea Canyon, the Royal Kona coffee company, and take in a luau on Maui. Rough, I know!

Figured, with the baby coming in July, this might be our last chance (for a while) to take a nice trip and just focus on us.

Any “must see/must do” advice from some of you globe trotters?

Talk to you soon,


PS – If you’ve never heard the term “babymoon” click here.

Ladies and gentlemen…

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Week: 20


Ladies and gentlemen, TeamPerkins is proud to announce that we have a gender!


The little girl above is Grace Sharon Perkins, and is due to arrive July 17th.


Over the last four weeks, Gracie has grown an incredible amount, and has just about quadrupled her weight. She has started to practice breathing motions, even though her lungs are not yet mature enough to breathe enough air to allow him to survive outside of Vic. Lanugo (fine hair) covers her whole body, and hair on the scalp is beginning to grow.


Gracie’s ears are fully functional now and she enjoys the sound of uterine noise. All of her organs and structures are formed and she is now entering a period of simple growth.